Fiona Krüger


Stainless steel with silver dial

As the fourth offering from the iconic Skull collection, Fiona Krüger’s Petit Skull distills her artistic approach to horology down to its essentials. With a smaller case and a focus on intricate guillochage detailing, the results are elegant and bold, yet wearable. 

Made-to-order piece - 2 week production


Standard strap is a large black leather strap. Possibility to opt for other strap material and colour by specifying your choice.

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The Petit Skull is produced as a limited edition of 18 pieces. The watches are hand-made in Switzerland and powered by a fully skeletonised, automatic mechanical movement with specially designed oscillating mass.

The intricate nine-piece dial is impeccably hand-finished, with each colour variant within the series showcasing a separate guilloché pattern. Starting with the first layer, a polished base plate is used, which acts as a crisp frame around the eyes, nose and mouth. The second layer comprises six individually guilloché and coloured pieces, beautifully reflecting light to reveal the elegant rhythm of the guillochage. Every guilloché pattern has been painstakingly chosen and positioned on each piece of the dial, recessing the eyes and jaw and opening the forehead and cheeks, as would a sculptor carving a portrait.

The teeth are finished with perlage and rhodium plating to echo the bridges of the skeletonised movement, which can be seen through the eyes and nose of the Skull. The final layer of finishing is a softly shotblasted outline, punctuated by polished black studs to mark the hours. Through the Petit Skull’s eyes, the moving balance wheel and delicate mainspring of the movement can be seen, bringing the watch to life.


For the exceptional Petit Skull, Fiona refers back to her Fine Art roots, using the classic guillochage technique as her chisel to sculpt her radiant skull dials, instilling each of her watches with its own distinct character. 

Tech Spec


  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Dimensions: 48 x 34.5 x 9.8 mm 
  • Specifically designed caseback opening 


  • Mechanical automatic skeletonized movement 
  • Customised oscillating mass with Soleil 24 Divisions guillochage and silver galvanised finish 
  • Power reserve: 5 days

Functions & Indications

  • Displays: Hour and minutes  
  • Nine-part brass dial with specially designed guilloché pattern and silver galvanised finish 
  • Layer 1: Hand-polished brass with rhodium finishing 
  • Layer 2: 6 part skull shape with specifically designed Soleil 24 Divisions guillochage, silver galvanised finish and “teeth” with rhodium finishing and perlage 
  • Layer 3: Fine shotblasted brass with rhodium finishing and black stud hour markers 
  • Hands in blued steel  


  • Front and back sapphire glass crystal with anti-reflective treatment
  • Hand-stitched leather strap with various colour options (black by default)
  • Stainless steel pin buckle  

Style Guide

In The Know

“The Petit Skull takes on a time-honoured, decorative technique: guilloché. Working with varied patterns, the result is highly sculptural.” Wallpaper

“These skulls are quirky, interesting, and beautiful…And they do something that is very dear to my own heart: they highlight the beauty of the mechanical watch movement.” Quill & Pad

“This version takes a more muted and downsized approach to the skull watch, sporting classic guillochage and clous de Paris hand-chisel work.” Bloomberg

Info & Delivery


Two year warranty from date of delivery


Pieces should be returned to Fiona Krüger Timepieces, c/o AB Product, 46 Rue Louis J Chevrolet, La Chaux de Fonds CH - 2300, Switzerland. Please contact Fiona Krüger for the process to return the piece

  • Watches with issues covered under the warranty: Fiona Krüger shall bear the costs of shipping and service 
  • Watches with issues out-of-warranty: shipping costs are born by the client, service costs will be charged to the client after acceptance of the quote 

Turnaround: about 4 to 6 weeks from the date of receipt of the watch or from the date of acceptance of the quote by the client, where required. Watch to be returned upon receipt of full payment only, where required. Fiona Kruger endeavours to reduce the turnaround time for the piece to be reunited with its owner as quickly as possible.


Shipping charge: 650€ per piece applied at checkout

Non-contractual delivery time:

  • Europe: about 72 to 96 hours door to door from collection of the piece, excluding any custom clearance delay 
  • US: about 96 to 120 hours door to door from collection of the piece, excluding any custom clearance delay 

The brand reserves the right not to deliver to countries outside of the European Union and the United States.

Return & Exchange

For customised and made-to-order pieces: no return, no exchange

Advanced payment non refundable

For immediately available pieces: return or exchange within 14 days

Our priority is customer satisfaction, therefore please do not hesitate to contact SKOLORR to discuss


Specially-designed packaging: ornate black protective boxes contained inside a classic black card outer box