Your Insider Look Into The Watchmaker’s Studio: Struthers London

What strikes you first as you enter the Struthers studio, an old factory building in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, is the quintessential Britishness of it. The moss green walls are lined with mahogany cabinets and shelves filled with horology books, vintage watchmaking tools and knickknacks, and in the centre of the office is an old watchmaking table which the duo now use as a desk. The sleek iMac sitting upon it looks quite out of place.

“I’ve always been quite obsessed with old things,” Rebecca Struthers tells us as she leads us through the picturesque workshop. “What, like me?” teases Craig, Rebecca’s husband and Struthers co-founder. We are treated to bursts of the couple’s witty repartee throughout the day while they talk us through their brand, some interesting watchmaking techniques, like case making, anglage, and soldering, and what being independent watchmakers means to them. We will be sharing some of the Struthers interesting insights on the Journal over the coming months.

Later in the day Craig pulls out an envelope stuffed with an array of leather samples; alligator, kangaroo tail, sting-ray. These are only a few of the strap choices available to customers for their bespoke timepieces. Talking us through their design process, which differs with every client, they explain how personal the experience is. Their first two models, The Kelso and The Kingsley, were named after the initial customers for which they were tailor made. Harking back to their pleasure in time old traditions, the couple keep a leather-bound ledger in which they keep recordings of all of their customers, including details and sketches of the work, be it watch restoration or a creating a bespoke piece. Very cool.

The day spent with Craig and Rebecca at their studio proved to be both enjoyable and interesting. The pair were kind enough to allow us to film some of their exciting insights, and around their studio; a treasure trove of watchmaking past and present. Here is the first of many clips from the day, as well as an assortment of images. Keep your eyes peeled for further installments from us at Struthers London!