SKOLORR X The Hour House

Being happy and successful in your career has a lot to do with working with the right people. A passionate team working towards a common goal paves a smoother road. For Skolorr – the online platform for the world’s finest independent watchmakers – joining forces with The Hour House of London made perfect sense.

Perfectly located in a discreet luxury district, this central London hotspot is just yards away from the new entrance to the iconic Selfridges department store. Part gallery, part luxury boutique, The House House is where one looks for something outside of the norm in haute horlogerie. It provides a place for discerning individuals to relax and study the latest artisanal offerings from a raft of independent makers and bespoke services.

For Skolorr, having a physical presence opens the door to our clients and guests who prefer a tactile and immersive experience. Not only does it mean we will have a base of operations in which to hold events and meet-and-greets, it also means we will be able to offer walk-in and face-to-face consultations, helping to guide our customers through to their next luxury purchase.

And it couldn’t have happened at a better time. 2018 defied all expectations, once the original Skolorr concept caught fire throughout the industry and beyond, leading to a partnership with Farfetch. With so many brands eager to join the Skolorr family, we knew it was time to team up with experts in the field to increase the amount of services we could offer.

Establishing the Skolorr Showroom and VIP Lounge at The Hour House is just the start. We’ll continue to build the Skolorr tribe throughout 2019, and hopefully get the chance to welcome a lot of new faces through the door. The Hour House will become a destination for lovers of independent watchmaking.

Skolorr’s strength-in-numbers approach affords our partner brands the kind of exposure normally reserved for major conglomerates, without mortgaging their creativity. Our goal is for independents to remain independent. Preserving the freedom and artisanship that is so central to so many of our partners is what makes this group of creators, curators, and consumers so special.

To arrange private viewing at The Hour House contact our concierge service at or via Contact Us.