SKOLORR X Europa Star

Guess who is counting our insider opinions? The longest-standing, most prestigious watch industry publication Europa Star, no less.

Whether you are a watch connoisseur, an irreproachable industry executive, or a timepiece buyer, Europa Star is the reference in your quest. They have been going strong for 90 years (almost as old as Forbes!) and are still family-run. We are very proud to be part of the latest edition to discuss and explore the future of watch retail.

Europa Star -article

Our superstar of a founder, Sky Sit, kicks out the true idea behind SKOLORR – “We set up an online shop-front for each brand on Skolorr, once they have been vetted and approved as a partner (to ensure trust, credibility, quality, ethos, etc.). We see the future of our business as running on a fair-trade marketplace model because the next generations are more socially aware, more globally connected, more individualistic, more entrepreneurial, more digitally at ease with purchasing online (as many luxury consumer studies show).”

With the independents, “Trust is there, exclusivity is there, provenance is there. When more independents come together on Skolorr, creating a bigger voice, we have a chance to gain more awareness and interest collectively, and more importantly to inspire change.

“Buyer will benefit by having more knowledge of the true value derived from a timepiece, vs the perceived value from celebrity endorsements and five layers of intermediaries […]”

We also want “to instill strong values in the process, to educate the next generations to be conscious of whom they are empowering by the purchase they make […] A paradigm shift is necessary. Good traditional retailers who add value are still important, while they need to remain relevant to the digital age.”

A more direct distribution structure needs to happen, slowly but surely. But when asked if the industry should fear ‘uberisation’, “We don’t agree with uberisation – Uber is not a good company. If you refer to the democratisation of service/product provision, the peer-to-peer distribution model through a platform – we believe in Airbnb, and Farfetch, which maximise use and consumption of under-utilised and under-exploited assets/capacities to provide better value for customers, while connecting people/communities in the process; and this is what Skolorr is offering.”

 In a sharp conclusion, Sky points to SKOLORR and the industry’s future with insights from other luxury sectors’ digital adoption, “Instead of asking them [the customers] to visit a fixed physical location, we should bring those services to them where they are. That is the future of retail.”

Putting customers at the centre, indeed. 

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