SKOLORR Friends At OnlyWatch 2017

If you don’t know, OnlyWatch is a charity auction held by the watch industry that has been running biennially since 2005. The auction raises funds for research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare, fatal degenerative disease which usually affects young boys. In support of the cause, a real variety of watchmakers, from relatively under-the-radar to extremely well-known brands, come together by donating a one-off piece to the auction. This year the likes of Patek Phillipe, Konstantin Chaykin, Chanel, Speake-Marin and many SKOLORR watchmakers, to name a few, are supporting the event.


MB&F have created a stunning version of the Horological Machine No.8 for the auction. Max Büsser used his penchant for drawing on childhood dreams for this one-off piece when he reached out to young artist and ballerina Cassandra Legendre, who did a custom sketch which is etched onto the watch. Büsser says the collaboration is “a child creating something to help children who have been denied many of the dreams and opportunities of childhood.”


The winning bidder at DeWitt is in for a real treat. The watchmaker, one of the few with the skill to make his own movements and with dial-makers in-house, is offering the Academia model with the dial as imagined by the highest bidder. This is the 6th time DeWitt have taken part in the OnlyWatch auction.

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Courage Every Second reads the inscription, in enamel ‘grand feu’ secret writing across the dial. “The watch pays tribute to those who seek survival in challenging times and move forward even though the strength to do so may have vanished,” says Czapek. The movement is a re-interpretation of the original Czapek movement created in 1850; Czapek was revived in 2015.

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Kari Voutilainen offers his 28S wristwatch to the cause, a fine example of the perfection that is Voutilainen’s philosophy. The piece, a classic Voutilainen model with a movement containing a proprietary sprung-balance system ensuring perfect timing, is finished by hand to ensure supreme quality. Voutilainen’s certain place in the hall of watchmaking history means the winning bidder will have made an investment to last many lifetimes beyond his (or her) own.

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The piece donated by Hautlence is not so much a timepiece as it is a conversation piece. This watch doesn’t actually tell the time but allows it’s wearer to indulge in a light game of Pinball. It is indeed the Hautlence Ball-E Mechanical Pinball, but this one-off has the added feature of a SuperLuminova robot appearing post game.

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Header image via Bexsonn featuring timepieces from OnlyWatch 2015