SKOLORR X The New York Times

We are proud!!! Once again, our inspirational founder Sky Sit has been interviewed by the New York Times for her insider views, in an exceptional story about the award-winning, highly respected independent watchmaker, Mr Romain Gauthier. Sky shares SKOLORR’s vision of the independents in the watchmaking industry, and its relevance to our contemporary generation.

The New York Times - Independent Watchmaker

The Independent Watchmaking Sector

Part of the discussion focused on “the so-called flight to quality, spurred by the recent industry downturn that created overstocks and led to heavy discounting of some big brands.”

Very logically Sky explained this notion; “When people saw discounts of 30 to 50 percent on watches, they began to question the value of major mainstream pieces,” the interviewer added that “Independents generally make from 30 to 300 pieces a year, compared with the hundreds of thousands produced by the largest brands.”

Watches by independents, with their exclusivity and smaller-scale production, have more intrinsic value.

Further along, Sky raises the importance of SKOLORR’s main audience – the millennials. Who is a factor of paradigm-shift in the watchmaking industry. “They want something that not everyone has and which is more personal (…) It’s the psychology of wanting to stand out. Social media is everything.”

SIHH 2018

S.I.H.H. has a space dedicated to independents, with the number of Carré des Horlogers exhibitors rising to 17 this year. 

SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) is the most elite event of the Swiss watch industry. We were there and witnessed the stronger-than-ever presence of the independents, with new brand entrants such as Mr. Gauthier’s. It confirms the growing popularity of the independent brands.  “For small houses, the fair “is a better way to efficiently and quickly target the most important actors in fine watchmaking worldwide,” said Fabienne Lupo, the fair’s managing director. And, she added, their presence “brings in some fresh air — and fresh air is always a benefit for everyone.”

The whole industry is slowly but surely shifting to the realm of independent watchmaking and at SKOLORR we are proud to be part of it!

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