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We’ve been in the news again and we are always grateful for it! Our work is recognised by the industry and this is also thanks to you. This time, Mr Alex Doak for City A.M. Bespoke Magazine has been discussing market trends and generation Y with our superstar founder Sky Sit!

For those who have not yet heard about the City A.M. Bespoke Magazine, it is a monthly luxury lifestyle magazine published by the daily business paper, distributed at more than 250 commuter spots, and over 1,600 offices, across the city of London. It is a real privilege to be shared with City A.M.’s 399,000 daily readers.

The Stainless steel premium demand and the Millennials

The article’s main focus starts with a decades-old popular category… the stainless steel luxury watches. Its best examples, the Royal Oak line Audemars Piguet and the Nautilus Patek Philippe for the indie lovers, both part of the incredible legacy of the late Gérald Genta.

Patek Philippe Nautilus - City A.M. Bespoke Magazine

The conversation further led towards the millennials, who are undoubtedly more drawn to stainless steel’s more affordable price levels, and represent nowadays the biggest consumer segment for luxury personal goods. As Sky points out, “This shift in the balance of buying power cannot be ignored.”

Our “new online platform, Skolorr, which champions independent luxury watchmakers with the millennial generation specifically in mind” says Mr Doak, certainly powers us with some credibility on the subject.

“I witnessed first-hand the emergence of the affluent millennials’ new buying behaviour, and felt the shift in my bones even back in 2013/4,” Sky says.

Along with new models in precious metal, more brands this year are bringing out steel versions at the same time, with the younger customer in mind to catch the wave. “We’re experiencing a window of accessible luxury,” Mr Doak says.

Why not steeling yourself?

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