SKOLORR X The New York Times

First, there was blue, then green — and even a rainbow. Now, salmon is the watch dial colour of the year. 


Yes, it means pink. Not shocking pink. Not Barbie pink. Some hues of pink akin to coral, or a good rosé (wine).


When you find the world’s most expensive watch (here via Forbes) — that set a new record this year at 31 million Swiss francs (about $31 million, almost double the previous record $17.7m in 2017) — donning a salmon dial, there is little to doubt what is hot.

Being an expert in the field, The New York Times has again come to our founder, Sky Sit. This time for her input on the trend of salmon-coloured dials hitting the top end of luxury watches. 

Sky presents independent brand Czapek & Cie in the feature, alongside household names Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, and Montblanc.

Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and King

Czapek & Cie has fully embraced the salmon theme, creating four dials for its Faubourg de Cracovie line of chronographs, and naming them four Pacific species: Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and King. They achieved the rich, golden hue with electroplating. The watch face features deep concentric guilloché circles that fan out from the two chronograph subdials, and intersect to form bas-relief squares, for a 3-D look.

Sky was quoted as saying the Sockeye “pushes the boat out”. The imperial blue is a bold contrast. She praised the entire line for adding “a gentleman-look to the sporty chronograph, accentuating the noble feel and making it much easier to style with classy attire.”

The Geneva watch house certainly has a storied, imperial past. Founded in 1845 by François Czapek and Juliusz Gruzewski, it became Napoleon III’s official watchmaker. It then ceased operations sometime after 1869, only to be revived in 2015. But such an illustrious past doesn’t mean the brand can’t have fun. “We like to create beautiful watches without taking ourselves seriously,” Xavier de Roquemaurel, its chief executive, said. “We had this idea of a ‘salmon run on the Rhône’, and ironically named the four timepieces after the finest and most famous salmon.”

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