These Are The Coolest Mechanical Art Pieces, According To MB&F’s Max Büsser

Collaboration is at the heart of everything at MB&F – the company is named ‘Maximilian Büsser & Friends’, after all. The avant-garde watchmaker continues to create some of the most surprising and exceptional timepieces around, and their M.A.D. Galleries (Mechanical Art Devices, if you please), act to showcase the best in mechanical art from across the globe.


We sat down with Max, who told us about some of his favourite pieces, and what makes them so special.

Frank Buchwald’s Machine Light 1. “The artist which made me want to create the M.A.D. Gallery. An incredibly modest and talented creator who aspires only to be able to have his ideas come to life. The ML1 is for me arguably his most beautiful piece. It thrones on our sideboard at home, and puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.”

Gaby Wormann’s Mecre (MEchanical CREatures). “Gaby’s talent is mind blowing – she embodies the crafts of an architect, surgeon, watchmaker and entomologist all together – and each of her unique pieces take three to four weeks under a microscope to come to ‘life’. Gaby manages to meld the beauty of these stunning insects and the finesse of ancient watchmaking into a wholly new breed of mechanical animals. Each piece is breathtaking.”


Quentin Carnaille’s Apesanteur. “It isn’’t often that my jaw drops open, but when the young French artist presented me three years ago his first Apesanteur levitating as by magic, that is exactly what happened. And everyone who sees Apesanteur in action usually follows suit…”

“We were so taken with his idea and pieces that we took worldwide exclusivity over the first three versions. By the way, if ever you have an old mechanical watch left in a drawer, Quentin will be happy to incorporate it into his next sculpture and give it a second life.”


Marc Ninghetto’s new “Solitude of a Machine 2” series. “Marc recaptured the essence of our childhood hero, Grendizer (the first transformer robot in the early seventies) and shows him off as you have never seen him. What does a superhero do when he is not saving the world? Well he is pretty lonely, and each photo conveys that incredibly well without pathos.”


L’’Epée Balthazar. “I cannot not mention our latest co-creation with the oldest Swiss clockmaker, L’Epée. Balthazar rocks! The coolest and most amazingly engineered mechanical robot I have ever created. Balthazar embodies both sides of all of us: the light and the dark and translates that into watchmaking functions and emotion supercharge.”


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