Bloomberg: The Independent Watchmakers Changing The Global Industry

“The world of luxury watchmaking is filled with brands of all shapes and sizes. The big players, such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe, live at one end, turning the giant cogs of a well-oiled industrial machine. At the other end we have the independents, often a two- or three-person operation fueled by passion for the craft and a desire to create,” opens Justin Mastine-Frost in his insightful photo essay for Bloomberg. He goes on to list eleven independent watchmakers whom he believes are making a profound impact on the global watchmaking climate, including Linde Werdelin, Urwerk, Sarpaneva and a few SKOLORR watchmakers…

SKOLORR - Independent Watchmakers: Fiona Krüger

Fiona Krüger Celebration Skull watch, image courtesy of QP Magazine

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Fiona Krüger

Fiona Krüger is an artist first and a watch designer second, which can sound like a warning to true horologists. But Krüger certainly knows how to execute properly. By engaging skilled artisans and watchmakers, she has turned her vision of a skull watch (a long-running, oft-derided theme in timekeeping) into a reality. In its first iteration, the Celebration Skull featured an elaborate and colorful hand-lacquered dial paying tribute to the the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. This latest version takes a more muted and downsized approach to the skull watch, sporting classic guillochage and clous de Paris hand-chisel work.”

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“On the list of historically significant living watchmakers, Kari Voutilainen is right up there. Having worked with Michel Parmigiani and then launched his own brand in 2002, Kari has produced beautiful timepieces that, as of 2016, had garnered seven international awards. His dial and case designs are a gorgeous nod to the ancient traditions in watchmaking. Each timepiece, including last year’s stunning steel-cased GMT-6, which was built for the Only Watch charity auction, is crafted through a massive number of man hours—his workshop of 15 staff build fewer than 100 timepieces each year. Outside his own brand, Kari has worked with Max of MB&F and Jean-François Mojon (known for designing the Harry Winston Opus X) in the creation of MB&F’s LM-1.”

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