How To Shop The Independents: SKOLORR Size Guide

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Naturally, when purchasing a watch, size is something you will think about. The internet, and watch sites, is littered with great size guides to assist you in the finding the perfect size. It makes sense; you don’t want to receive your ‘perfect’ watch only to discover it doesn’t look, or feel, quite right. However, these guides are geared towards classic watch models and, with the independents, the rules don’t really apply.

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Unlike watchmaking companies with higher production volume, the independents produce fewer size variations of the same model and are often extremely limited editions. Also, the independents tend to have larger measurements compared to the classic shapes of their size equivalents recommended within most size guides. This is because indie watches often have unconventional yet cleverly-designed casing, which creates visual advantages to look well-fitted and wrap comfortably around your wrist.

38-40mm is generally the most regular case diameter suggested in the latest trend. 38 is 38 when it is a box standard watch case. However on SKOLORR that is one of the smallest case sizes we offer and that is available only to a limited selection of our brands. That doesn’t mean the larger sizes are too big. So, don’t be put off by a watch that says 42 or 44mm when considering sizes of a piece that is not in a classic square, rectangular, or round shape, because it can wear like a 38 or 40mm.

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So, when you are buying an independent, pay more attention to the form of the case. Do the lugs taper down? Does the case have a wider base and a slimmer surface? Does the case come in an irregular shape? All of these may indicate a smaller fit than the measurements suggest. Rather than considering size in the usual way, you should also be considering how the piece will fit into your lifestyle. Whether or not you want it to have ‘wrist presence’.

At the end of the day, it is all down to your personal preferences, especially if you’re going for a particularly avant-garde watch design. If you are concerned about sizing, or have any questions, hop on to our concierge service to discuss it further. We will be able to give advice tailored to your preferences and measurements, or even arrange private viewings of timepieces to ease your mind.

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