Your Guide To The Ultimate Eco-Bachelor Pad Essentials

Every man should get to live in his own bachelor pad at least at one point or another. Your bachelor pad should be comfortable, relaxing and, most importantly, completely yours. And just like your mechanical timepieces that power by themselves with kinetic energy and built to last, your pad should be sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are the eco-pad essentials you should know…

SKOLORR ECO BACHELOR PAD ESSENTIALSThe sofa is the heart of the bachelor pad, so why not make your key piece an eco-friendly one? A sectional sofa is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining friends and can really balance out a room. Viesso make eco-friendly, organic sofas in great tonal colours that will suit any scheme.

SKOLORR ECO BACHELOR PAD ESSENTIALSA Black & Blum Eau Carafe with a charcoal water filter is the only water to hydrate: a cool, minimal glass water container with a black charcoal stick to purify your drinking water. Carbon charcoal is a natural, eco-friendly way of removing chlorine, sediment, taste and odour from tap water, and it looks damn cool.

SKOLORR ECO BACHELOR PAD ESSENTIALSThe coolest charging pad: XD Design Window Emergency Solar Battery Charger. This bad boy attaches to your window and collects sun energy to charge your phone! This game changing gadget is also super slick and adds eco cool.

SKOLORR ECO BACHELOR PAD ESSENTIALSAnother entertaining must have: iBamboo. This piece of bamboo, essentially a hollowed out wooden tube, is cut specifically to offer the best sounding acoustics when your iPhone is tucked inside. No wires, outlet or hook-up necessary, just hit up spotify and pop it in. Bamboo grows five times as fast as other woods and can grow in a variety of environments, which makes this cool material one of the most sustainable. The bonus is that this eco-friendly speaker will look super zen sitting on your coffee table.

SKOLORR ECO BACHELOR PAD ESSENTIALSOnce you’ve got the living hub sorted, a tranquil bathroom is an ideal addition to your bachelor pad. Complete your zen with a rainfall shower head, like the eco-friendly offerings from TenderRain. The ultimate luxury.

Header image via cgarchitect