GPHG Awards Nominees 2018

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) is the most prestigious accolades, deemed as “the Oscars” of the watchmaking industry. The independent watchmakers always have a significant presence winning nominations and awards. Here it comes again, 2018 entries have now been published, and we cannot be more ecstatic.

The reason for our excitement is down to the fact that half of Skolorr’s partner brands have their timepieces entered to compete in 9 out of 12 categories!! That’s news worth shouting about.

The list of finalists has now been announced, with 6 runner-ups in each category remaining. Here are the nominees from our stable of top luxury names.

Ludovic Ballouard’s Upside Down Pink Hours watch remains a strong contender in Ladies Complication category. Unlike its encrusted counterparts Ludovic’s timepiece stands out with its soft pastel colours and unique dial design. Its poignant message of living in the moment will strike a chord with many.

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Men’s category is represented by Voutilainen with its limited edition of 217QRS. This elegant watch is a creation of precision and efficiency whilst paying homage to classical watchmaking tradition. As expected from Kari (fondly known among the inner circle by his first name) his timepiece is finished to the highest standards.

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L’Heure Bleue with its distinctive signature Czapek look that comprises of fascinating guilloché “Ricochet” is one of the front-runners in Chronograph’s category. Revolutionizing the traditional design of chronograph pushers Czapek came with ingenious way of implementing them with the watch case design. We trust that their inventive approach, not to mention striking design, will impress the judges alike.

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Faberge_visionnaire_chronograph_dynamique_Watch_gphg2018Another brand that still has 2 of their watches under ‘Artistic Craft’ and ‘Sports’ category is Fabergé. Its beautifully crafted ‘Clover’ watch combines homage to its historical tradition and its selected design of clover leaf represents good fortune. The elaborate dial and choice of material used perfectly illustrates Fabergé’s creative capabilities.

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Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph Dynamique on the other hand stands for a wholly modern, edgy and confident look. Its exceptional take on placing chronograph’s function in its centre stage is truly ground-breaking. In combination with the bold orange colour this watch commands attention and it’s created for owner with distinctive dynamic personality.

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Here at Skolorr we will await eagerly who the winner is in each category. Once the trophies are given during prestigious prize-giving ceremony in November, you can be certain that we will bring you the latest news.

In the meantime, feel free to review at your leisure the complete list of watch entries here 



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