NEW ARRIVAL: Fiona Kruger’s Chaos Collection

Allow us to introduce you to Fiona Kruger’s timepiece from her latest CHAOS collection, called rather poignantly ‘Mechanical Entropy’.

As its name suggests the concept of this watch is associated with one of the laws of physics, closely linked with the passing of time. This latest creation features Fiona Kruger’s exclusive calibre developed through a collaboration with renowned movement manufacturer Agenhor, named aptly ‘The Chaos movement’. Combinations of either ‘black & gold’ or ‘black & rhodium’ movement are available for this ultra limited collection.

With its intricate movement, edgy and unconventional look, complimented with beautifully brushed and polished finishes, this timepiece is the perfect combination of innovative and progressive craftsmanship. Yet again Fiona Kruger is pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

For more information about Fiona Kruger’s latest edition from her Chaos collection, and for your private viewing of the pieces, contact our concierge service at or via Contact Us.