Brit Awards 2018: Ed Sheeran’s Surprising Watch Choice

Browsing the web you will find numerous articles already discussing Ed Sheeran’s fantastic watch collection. The 2018 Brit Awards have shown us Ed Sheeran in love! While the whole audience was focused on his engagement ring, here at SKOLORR, we were particularly staring at another of his body part… his wrist!

The Brit Awards 2018 – Patek Philippe Tripe Grand Complication 5208P

Yet again, Sheeran has not disappointed and proved that he has a sophisticated taste for fine watchmaking.

This multi-talented musician was wearing his Patek Philippe Triple Grand Complication 5208P with pride.  This masterpiece of complexity combines an instantaneous perpetual calendar with a mono-chronograph and minute repeater in a platinum case and pierced lugs. This watch is one of Patek’s most complicated accomplishment and certainly one of the most expensive wristwatches nowadays on the market.

For the little story, Vladimir Putin was rumoured to have sold his own one last year after allegedly acquiring the watch at London’s Watches of Switzerland on a date kept secret.

The Most Excellent Order – Patek Philippe World Time 5130R

Earlier in 2017 Sheeran had already been spotted wearing some of the best Patek Philippe pieces on his wrist.

On the 7th of December last year, Sheeran received the supreme recognition from his motherland, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. On this once in a lifetime occasion, he was wearing the legendary World Time Patek Philippe 5130R. This watch is boasting a 24 timezone GTM in the most elegant dial display. For certain this timepiece has been chosen after careful consideration.

Since he has become the most popular English pop singer Mr Sheeran has been constantly travelling the world. We hope he will take his 5130R with him on his forthcoming tour in Australia next month.

The Brit Awards 2017 – Richard Mille RM 3501 RAFA

I know what you would think by now, it is all about Patek Philippe.

Nevertheless, you’ll be wrong! Sheeran is not only a Patek connoisseur, he also has a soft spot for another renowned independent watchmaker. It is one of the most prestigious crafted brand in the Jura Valley, Richard Mille.

At last year’s Brit Awards ‘After Party Ceremony’ Sheeran was spotted wearing Richard Mille’s RM 3501 Rafael Nadal edition. Its skeletonized movement is made of a combination of black PVD and NTPT carbon technology which makes it one of the most resistant watches on the planet.

Also, looking at how Sheeran has to often slip away from the crowd of frenetic fans it is without doubt that this watch has some massive assets for the singer.

Live Performances – Richard Mille RM 030 America limited edition

By the same token, Sheeran has been spotted several times on stage wearing Richard Mille’s limited edition RM 030 America, exclusive to only 30 pieces.

This robust high-end watch boasts some serious technical prowess, its RMARI movement features an automatically declutching rotor. This ingenious mechanism allows the rotor to automatically declutch from the winding system when the barrels are fully wounded.

But his passion for Mille does not end here. Last year, when Sheeran was awarded Artist of the year 2017 he was seen wearing an RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-Sensor Bubba Watson White Quartz.

Sheeran is not the only artist having a particular interest in Richard Mille timepieces. Recently we have seen the likes of Neymar, Pharrell Williams and even Nathalie Portman wearing the creator’s watches.

We are very proud Mr Sheeran is supporting the Indies world. This gentleman has the Indie vibes in him. He is authentic, creative and talented and here at SKOLORR, we are immense fans!

All the team is sending our heartiest congratulation to him for his Global Success Award. And for those who have not yet seen his award presentation, you can find the video just here.

Header picture credit to Just Jared

Video Brit Awards official Youtube Channel