Cyrus: Conquest of Innovation, Greatness in Destiny

Every era and industry need iconoclasts; people who break rules and challenge perceived wisdom. Where would the contemporary art world be without the likes of Damien Hurst or Banksy? Men’s luxury fashion would certainly be less colourful for our choices if not for Alexander McQueen or Virgil Abloh.

And now the world of watches has its rule-breaker, named after historical Persian ruler Cyrus the Great. Cyrus is an aristocratic Swiss brand born to defy the norms of this traditional craft, redefining how time can be displayed and how watches are constructed.

As we know from a household name of another independent watch brand, rules can only be broken by someone who has mastered them in the first place. Cyrus has its own master in the form of co-founder Jean-François Mojon, who has been creating groundbreaking timepieces for the brand since its launch in 2010. Mojon is one of the most talented watchmakers known in the business, and has been awarded a Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (the ‘Oscars’ in watchmaking) for Best Independent Watchmaker. His in-house manufacture not only brings production autonomy for Cyrus, but also the maximum creative freedom needed for inventing exceptional high-end timepieces.

True to its name, the conquest of innovation is evident throughout the Cyrus collection, comprising everything from time-only styles and chronographs to complications such as alarms, moonphases and tourbillons. You may think you know what they are, until you pick up a Cyrus timepiece, then you realise you have never seen it done this way before. Every piece has pushed the horological frontiers further.

The Cyrus design is distinctive with these features: 1. its three-dimensional dials, 2. its signature “cushion in an ovoid” case construction, 3. the brand’s other trademark – two crowns: one at nine and the other at three. You can recognise a Cyrus instantly. They are a muscular and masculine take on a sports watch.

Cyrus’s equivalent to SpaceX in the rocket-manufacturing industry is the Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon. As the name suggests, in a watchmaking first, the tourbillon is placed vertically at the centre of the dial rather than horizontally at the six o’clock position, as is common. Now, this isn’t just showboating – the technical team at Cyrus painstakingly studied in what position a tourbillon would be most effective and found that, at this angle, the cage, which contains the regulating mechanism, rotates on itself, offsetting the negative effects of gravity and making the watch even more precise. For a tourbillon, the size is super wearable, and it looks achingly cool on the wrist.

Other complicated watches in the Klepcys family are hardly ordinary either. On its moonphase, you read the time in a line, thanks to a unique mechanism, that has earned 2 patents, to control the speed of the wheels operating the hour, minute and second counters. Not to mention a three-dimensional moon that has a margin of error of one day every 125 years.

Even its alarm function is different. For the Klepcys Alarm, Cyrus decided to abandon the simple hammer and gong method and use minute-repeater chime instead; another example of it striving to do what other brands don’t.

But then with Cyrus, you simply don’t expect them to do what other brands do. What you can expect is their thirst for originality and excellence. Let’s not forget the exclusivity that comes from how ultra-limited they are. And your conquering spirit oozes when having one on the wrist.

Cyrus is now available with a curated selection in the Fine Watches Hub on Farfetch, the luxury style online giant.

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Cyrus is also showcased at The Hour House in London Mayfair. Why not request a private viewing of the collection at our Showroom & VIP Lounge: Contact Us.