Baselworld 2018: Top Of The Indie World Part-II

This article is the second part of our Baselworld 2018 picks. As we had not enough words to cover all the ingenuity of our independents, you will find here 4 additional picks which have attracted our curiosity.

Claude Meylan Poya

Starting with a little explanation of the word Poya. Originally, used in Switzerland and Savoie region of France, Poya currently refers to the cattle’s seasonal migrations. Through centuries, the Poya has inspired a lot of artists in the Alpen region and one of them is the sculptor of time, Claude Meylan. The LAC Poya collection is completely hand-skeletonised and the dial rotates 360° which conveys a paper-thin impression to this delicate timepiece. On a more technical aspect, its calibre is a mechanical self-winding ETA Unitas 6497 with a 42 hours power reserve. Claude Meylan as the “Skeleton Expert” is at the paroxysm of its arts, with this hand-skeletonised and hand-engraved fine watch.

De Bethune DB27 Titan Hawk V2


De Bethune’s new release is powered by a brand new in-house self-winding calibre, the V2. While the resemblance with its older sister the DB27 Titan is unquestionable, its features have been rethought in order to develop first and foremost a practical everyday luxury watch. Among its particularities, we can find the De Bethune patent Titanium balance wheel and spring. In the same token, the optimised oscillation weight in titanium and tungsten alloy are two of the brand’s specialities. Moreover, its multi-layered dial shows the De Bethune signature look, an arrow-shaped bridge and a chapter ring and minute circle with respectively, Romans and Arabic numerals. For blue dial seeker, the DB 27 Titan Hawk V2 is undoubtedly a must in terms of technicals and aesthetics combined at an affordable price.

La Colonne Du Temps Hysek Design

Jorg Hysek Senior has more than one creation on his impressive records. This time, his brainchild, a new time machine, has been co-created in partnership with the English watchmaker Sinclair Harding. Instead of drawing its specifics, let’s discuss the column of time as a fine art object. It is  a pure aesthetic display of time. Its subtle lines are built from over 900 mechanical pieces. Additionally, its movement, developed by Sinclair Harding boasts an 8 days power reserve. This fine art sculpture is limited to 55 pieces per material, rhodium or rose gold.

Hautlence HL Newton


The HL Newton presents a new self-winding manufacture movement in addition to Hautlence’s signature, a jumping hours time display. However, Hautlence decided to opt for a moving window to feature the jumping hours display. To synthesise, the window lays on 3 stands and an off-centre weight and unveils the numerical hours using the gravity effect. Interesting fact, if the wearer is not interested in looking at the running minutes, the watch turns on standby mechanical mode. In addition, the brand chose a honeycomb carved opaline dial for a fresh look on a brand new luxury watch.

Once again, we would like to congratulate our partners for their endless innovative spirits and Baselworld 2018 success. Finally, we thank all of them as well as our clients, and friends who, together, make what we do an incredible adventure.

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