5 Mind-Expanding Podcasts Worth Hearing Out

Because binge listening is the new binge watching.

Ah, podcasts. The best way to consume content while simultaneously getting on with life’s day-to-day. Whether you’re commuting to work, getting dressed or brushing your teeth; there’s a podcast to be listened to. Here are a few of our picks…

The HourTime Podcast

HourTime Podcast SKOLORRhourtime SKOLORRBar talk for the horological set. Each week, John Biggs and Viktor Marks sit down to talk about all things watches, and other things too. The talks vary from watch buying tips, like how to choose a diving watch, to opinions, like the future of watch advertising, to interviews with the likes of Chris Vail or Derek Dier. It can get pretty weird, random and down-right funny.

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Wired Gadget Lab

wireds-gadget-lab-podcast-SKOLORRwired SKOLORRThis is the podcast with it’s finger on the pulse when it comes to all things techy, and the ideas and opinions to back it up. Some seriously good listening if you know you Apple from your Alexa, and want to know the depths of the technology industry.

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Tomorrow’s World

tomorrows_world SKOLORRtomorrow world SKOLORRThe latest podcast instalment from the BBC, Tomorrow’s World promises to uncover the questions you’ll soon be asking. What does it mean to ‘download our brains’, can we morph our intellect with artificial intelligence? There are only three episodes so far, but we can guarantee that this series is worth hearing out; from boardroom to barside, your banter will be all the better (and more well-informed) for it.

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99% Invisible

99invisible SKOLORR99 percent SKOLORRWe at SKOLORR like to pay attention to detail, but there are some things even we didn’t pick up. 99% Invisible digs deep into the design details that would never even cross your mind and, in the process, uncovers larger truths about the world around us. Ever wonder how they record sound in sports games or why it’s milk cartoons that have missing kids printed on them? No? This podcast will open up your curiosity and have you asking questions about everything. Wake up your mind, listen to this podcast.

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Inc Uncensored

inc.-uncensored SKOLORROne for the entrepreneurs in the house; Inc Uncensored covers the world of start-ups, tech and high-growth business, offering a great base of knowledge for those hoping to start, or having started, their own business. Hosted by Inc editor James Ledbetter, he and the roster of regular participants discuss all elements of starting your own business from industry practices to insider news and trends to cool companies worth keeping an eye on. Definitely one for the long commute.

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