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Olivier Jonquet

For watch collector Olivier Jonquet, it all started with a chance discovery in 2013: a beautiful, cushion-shaped wristwatch from the Twenties, gleaming from the window of a vintage boutique in France. Then and there, it inspired him to start his own company to craft a quality timepiece entirely in France. Selling off his personal watch collection, and with the support of his wife and father, Olivier went through his watchmaking training and set about his passion project with focus and determination. He reimagines that seminal vintage watch using a diligently hand-picked ensemble of French craftsmen in the watchmaking region bordering Switzerland.

Powered by a vintage NOS (new-old-stock) French movement, cased in voluptuously contoured steel with a classical dial, was his first collection, Elie. It was snapped up by an early-adopter network of similarly passionate collectors, who love what Olivier is doing for the independent watchmaking scene: to preserve a long history of traditional watch craftsmanship with French pride.

"Independence of mind, a taste for adventure, elegance and culture are our Watchwords. And yes, far from technical feats and high-tech materials, we propose just reliable and beautiful watches."
Olivier Jonquet
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“… a simple, well-proportioned wristwatch with vintage styling, fully manufactured in France.”  Hodinkee

“I have something special with Olivier Jonquet, not only because I find his watches actually pretty nice and because I like the idea behind his brand, but also because, as me, he’s French (and promoting French-made parts).”  Monochrome Watches

“Old meets new. Inspired by watches from the 1910s and ’20s, this unique timepiece [has] the ability to go straight from a formal business setting to casual wear.”  Uncrate