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Ludovic Ballouard

Proving that time-only watches can still be complicated, Ludovic Ballouard is an artist, creator and intellectual for whom only one time is important – the present. A member of the revered AHCI, every detail is deeply considered and the handful of intricately crafted watches produced per year are infused with their maker’s mischievous personality.

Being an alumnus of Franck Muller and later Francois-Paul Journe, where he devoted his skills to the assembly of FP Journe’s iconic super-complication, Sonnerie Souveraine, Ludovic chose to strike out on his own in 2009. The talented Frenchman brings a sense of humour to his watches, creating whimsical, yet elegant pieces that flip the traditional notion of time indication on its head, sometimes literally.

"Only the present moment has a meaning."
Ludovic Ballouard
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In The Know

“An eclectic and true artist; he breaks the rules, confuses us, but ends up fascinating us. I call it the ‘Ballouard’ touch.”  Les Rhabilleurs

“Fantastically inventive, beautifully executed, robust watches.” Quill & Pad

“Ludovic’s watches leave us in no doubt of his personal tastes. His statement is one of choice words delivered in a whisper.”  aBlogtoWatch