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Lonville might just be the most interesting revival of a brand you’ve never heard of, but should now!

The name dates back to 1873, when an ébauche watch movement company was set up in the Swiss-German village of Langendorf, or Lonville in French. Despite its initial success, the name was consigned to the annals of history about 50 years ago.

That is until Joost Vreeswijk, a Switzerland-residing Dutch collector of vintage watches, came across an old Lonville pocketwatch and decided to re-register the brand and bring it back to life.

The Lonville 2.0 is a little different from its predecessor – rather than off-the-shelf pieces, each watch is made on a project-by-project basis with a group of industry specialists. This is all about in-house movements, low production and highly decorated designs inspired by classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s, which are a passion of Vreeswijk’s.

You may not have heard about it before but five minutes in the presence of these exquisite watches and you’ll definitely want to know more.

"A naive love for watches is what got me involved. For many years I had this desire to design and build my own watch, heavily inspired by the 50s and 60s watches and classic cars."
Joost Vreeswijk
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In The Know

“The brand has returned, and with their resurrection comes a few nice timepieces.” Ariel Adams, James Edition

“Their passion and love for watches helped them surpassed the challenges that would have discouraged many. I have a soft spot in my heart for watches that are made this way.”  Watchpaper

“I had the privilege to try them all and come to the conclusion that he [Joost Vreeswijk] created some very nice, high-quality and luxurious timepieces.”  House of Chronos

“The watch is incredibly elegant on the wrist, also due to the slender lugs and small bezel. […] The thin lugs and sleek design probably ensured a very modest weight for a gold watch. On the wrist, it feels very comfortable though.”  Fratello Watches