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The dial of a Gustafsson & Sjögren (GoS) watch is a mesmerising thing indeed: a pool of iridescent ripples, meandering concentrically beneath hand-crafted dagger hands. This beguiling pattern is down to a highly specialised metallurgic technique, more commonly known as Damascus steel ­– a layering and tempering technique used by the Vikings for their finest swords.

Expertly hand-forging Damascus steel has earned worldwide repute for master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson, inspired by his homeland of Sweden’s Viking past. Since 2007, he and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren have forged a watch brand that’s getting collectors very hot under the collar. Every Damascus-steel dial of a GoS watch – and movement bridge if you opt for it – bears a unique pattern, meaning every GoS watch, delicately assembled downtown at Sjögren’s atelier, is truly one of a kind.

"We didn’t want to only express watchmaking and steelmaking, we wanted to pull as much Swedish handcrafting into the GoS universe as possible."
Patrik Sjögren
Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker
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“I am a real sucker for damascened steel, and the way that Gustafsson and Sjögren use this artisanal metal really melts my heart.” Quill & Pad

“The beautiful watches are only getting better, and offer a lot to enjoy for collectors of both timepieces and Damascus steel blades.” Ariel Adams, Forbes

“How cool is it to have a watch made of the same kind of metal swordsmen used centuries ago?”  The Horophile