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Clerc’s extraordinary diving watches seem more like sci-fi submarines from the future than descendants of the delicate pocket watches gleaming from the window of Monsieur Clerc’s Parisian shop, some 140 years ago. As fourth-generation custodian Gérald Clerc proudly explains, this dramatic evolution has been driven by his family’s founding mantra: “It is each generation’s responsibility to create and innovate.”

Sure enough, the core Hydroscaph diving models’ case alone can comprise over 100 parts. The proportions are formidable and the forms are unlike any other diving watch out there – contemporary, uncompromising and yet utterly ergonomic.

In keeping with the watches’ deep-water capabilities, developed hand-in-hand with diving professionals, Clerc has assumed the brand motto ‘Exploration Machines’ – a term that also, rather conveniently, applies to the imagination and discovery involved with purchasing one of these special timepieces.

"We are constantly pushing the limits and our clientele love this ongoing process. I do not see us as ‘competing’, which generally means ‘keeping up with’. I believe in leading rather than following."
Gérald Clerc
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In The Know

“Today the watches look more like they came from the near future rather than past, with the edgy case design, futuristic writings and heavy-looking hands.”  WatchAnish

“…since its inception, the brand has prided itself in developing timepieces that are as unique as those that have adorned them.”  Watch Report

“Despite the brand’s history, Gerald’s approach is all about moving forward, designing bold and chunky watches that defiantly stand out from the crowd.”  Esquire