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Claude Meylan

To wear a Claude Meylan watch is to connect directly with Swiss watchmaking’s very origins.

Back in the 18th century, when Swiss dairy farmers led a double life as watchmakers, the cradle of their newfound craft was the Vallée de Joux, deep in the heart of the Jura Mountains. There were four founding families of this highly localised cottage industry, and one of them was Meylan. In the middle of the 1700s, Samuel Olivier Meylan and Abraham-Samuel Meylan introduced the art to Rolle and Fleurier, where so many prestigious ateliers are still situated.

Their historic name lives on today as mechanical watches crafted in the traditional, Jura way, offering a wormhole back to those winter nights, when instead of making cheese, the farmers were milling pinions and levers. Indeed, that “wormhole” takes the form of literal holes, as Claude Meylan has made the art of “skeletonisation” its own, exposing the mechanics within and reminding us where it all came from.

"A fantastic story to be written in unlimited chapters and volumes. Claude Meylan has such a unique story and such a clear territory that it is for me an honor to continue and further develop this true Maison from the Vallée de Joux."
Philippe Belais