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Antoine Tavan 1805

Antoine Tavan was one of the most celebrated and skilled watchmakers of his generation. Two centuries after his remarkable achievements within the field of haute horology, the master watchmaker’s vision was saved from the history books, and reborn.

Lovingly relaunched by artisan creator Roger Zarzoso in 2008, the brand pays homage to the founder’s memory by producing horological objet d’art, arising from passion, technical understanding and a commitment to hard work and integrity. Crafting his watches in extremely limited quantities – and often as unique pieces – all Antoine Tavan 1805 timepieces are handmade in Zarzoso’s small Le Locle workshop and developed with the care and attention that comes from the hand of an independent artisan truly committed to his craft.

"Through my work, I try to perpetuate the memory of the remarkable watchmaker, Antoine Tavan, realizing uncompromising pieces in the finest Swiss traditions."
Roger Zarzoso
Owner and watchmaker
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In The Know

“Roger Zarzoso continues to craft ultra-exclusive, highly limited watches under the Antoine Tavan name, and I am already looking forward to seeing what is on his wrist next year.” Revolution

“Let your timepiece do all the talking. Once they see it, they can’t stop looking at it.”  Watchisthis?! Magazine

“Roger personally decorates his watches by hand and the level of craftsmanship is absolutely exceptional.”  Total Design Reviews